Filippo steps in...

  • Last week, at just 2 days notice, Filippo stepped in to perform Brahms' Piano Concerto No.2 with the Bad Reichenhaller Philharmonic under the direction of Christian Simonis.

    "It was impressive, virtuosic, with full of body tension as Filippo Gorini performed strikingly in sync with the orchestra. Impressive in particular, as he mastered wide-spread passages in a playful lightness, picked up the echos of the orchestra, played them back; powerfully dynamic, delicate and sensitive, or conjured mighty piano trills. The audience celebrated him and the Philharmonic for several minutes with euphoric applause." - Werner Bauregger

    Following his concerto performance, he went on to perform in recital at the Edesche Concertzaal as well as at the season opening of Harrogate's recital series, this weekend.

    "His musical interests reach deep, his nuanced playing is intense, analytical and deadly serious. Immediately, it was clear that Gorini had an enviable grip on the wing, which, under his impetuous leadership, added to all phrasings, shades of color and harmonies that rushed through his head and heart to merge with the essence of Chopin's second Sonata and the Ballade no. 4... With the score as a compass he spontaneously makes music in the here and now and not only presents his surprisingly accurate pianism, but also his lively imagination and his empathic mood in the battle. A brave Gorini takes many risks, without denying the composer or himself. He does so in a very subtle way, where his sound remains enchantingly beautiful in all strength gradations. His exciting ideas are expressed in his tension build-up and timing, original tempi, pedal use and in the smallest nuances of articulation, dynamics and timbre... His emotional involvement with the notes is so great that the hall automatically listens quietly, even between parts." - Wenneke Savenije, De Nieuwe Muze

    In spring next year, Filippo will perform Brahms Piano Concerto No.2 with the Giuseppe Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milan and Claus Peter Flor, on tour across Italy. More information on tour dates here.